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(Section 2 - Overview)

If you truly like to gamble, whether it's in the brick-and-mortar setting or in an online environment, and don't want to get bogged down with a lot of Why Play Craps strategy tables that you have to memorize, then craps could be a game that is right up your alley. It differs from a lot of games you can undertake to play in a casino, primarily because the player has a little more control in craps - not over the outcome, mind you, but over the pace the game is played at. If you do indeed like that degree of control, then certainly one aspect of it will appeal to you if you are playing and you are the "shooter," because the game doesn't start until you throw the dice.

If you are involved in betting but you're not the shooter, you'll get every opportunity to make whatever wager you need to make before the shooter rolls the dice. No one leaves you behind.

You're going to generally find better odds in craps than you would in a lot of other games, and that particularly applies if you do not really like to play blackjack or are not interested in learning a Basic Strategy in a game like that. You can actually play indefinitely at the craps table and never get to a situation where your disadvantage to the casino is more than two percent.

How's that sound?

This game also differs from blackjack, where you are pretty much "grinding" it out for even money every time you win a hand (with the obvious exception of the two-card natural), in the respect that there are many propositions at the craps table that pay off at long odds, which allows the player who is able to catch a lucky streak to win amounts that can greatly increase bankroll in a relatively short period of time.

Interestingly, the game of craps is generally known to be one where players have an easier time getting "comps" from the casino than is the case with other casino games. This is something that specifically applies to the physical casino setting; in the online version craps is usually a game that is a little harder to cash in bonuses by playing.

When you're going brick-and-mortar, craps comes off as an unusually social game. Try walking into any casino, and you are probably going to find that the loudest noises in the whole place are coming from the area where the craps tables are located. You are also likely to find a lot more camaraderie between craps players than those of other casino games.

It certainly isn't like slots or video poker, which capitalize on the desire of some players to be left alone. Instead, it seems built for interactivity between the participants. You're going to often find players, or a whole table, rooting for another player, since so many people find themselves betting with the shooter. All in all, craps is a game that produces excitement.

The rules, which may seem confusing to a beginner, are actually pretty clear at the craps table, and there won't be any secret rules that come out of nowhere like you may find in a few other games.

If you take the step-by-step approach, it's pretty easy to learn, and hopefully we can help you get started on the way to having some fun!

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