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Turn Me On, Turn Me Off

Another craps strategy that I like is one that involves turning numbers on and off during craps game play. This particular strategy works better when playing craps online then it does in a real land based casino environment. This does Turn Me On, Turn Me Off not mean that you cannot use this strategy at you local casino, you just have to pay attention when you do play it.

This strategy is built around the fact that I have never really been comfortable with the notion that I am supposed to place my bet, wait for a number to come up and then hope that the number is rolled again before a seven! Especially considering that the seven has a greater chance of appearing before my number does. I know how this goes against the grain on what you will read elsewhere, but think about it a second. If I put a bet on the pass line and a 10 is rolled and becomes the point, it has a 3 out of 36 or 1 in 12 chance of being rolled next. But a 7 has a 6 out of 36 or 1 in 6 chance of coming up next. I know that the payoffs take these odds into account, but, chances are I am going to lose this bet and take a hit to my bankroll for that session.

What this strategy does is take advantage of the fact that the 7 should appear one out of every six rolls. On a choppy table, it works like a champ. The most important facet of this craps strategy is that we do not wait for a point to be established and then wait for the number to be rolled again before we can collect on a winner. We want to be a winner on the very first roll - including the come out roll.

This how we get started. Wait until a seven has been thrown. Then we make place bets on all of the numbers - 4,5,6,8,9 and 10. Tell the dealer on your side of the craps table that you want to turn your bets on or make them live on the come out roll. Now, recall that you expect the seven to be thrown 1 out of every six rolls. So, we leave the bets on for four rolls and then tell the dealer to turn them off. From this point on, we will win no more money from our bets. But, we cannot lose them to a roll of seven either. When a seven is thrown, we turn the bets back on for another four rolls.

Now that I have explained the strategy, let's get in the advantages and disadvantages of this craps strategy. By now surely you know that at any given time, at the right table, any craps strategy can make you a pile of cash in a short period of time. However, it is up to you the craps player to determine what kind of table you are on. Craps tables are either hot, cold or choppy. That's it. You have to apply the right strategy to the state of the table you are at, or find a table that your strategy will excel at. Or, you can modify your strategy to take table conditions into account.

Ok. First the benefits to this strategy: On a choppy table, this system works wonders as you may never lose your original bets and be paid off with every number thrown. Unlike the typical three point strategy where you are going to have to wait at least three rolls - more like 6 or 7 - to establish three points only to see all of your bets lost when the very next roll is a seven, this is more of a hit and run guerilla style strategy. Like I said, on a choppy table it works like a champ.

Now the drawbacks: On a streaky table you can either get your ass handed to you or miss out on a major roll. A seven could be thrown on three successive rolls. Each seven will cost you your bets as you replace them from the previous losing rolls. You could also experience a series of rolls where the seven appears ever 2nd , 3rd and 4th rolls. Again each one costs you your bets and you have to replace them to continue. In general, it takes three winners to make you even should you lose your bets on the next roll.

Another negative to this strategy is that after you turn your bets off, the shooter may go on to roll 10 or 15 more times without rolling a seven. You could have made some serious coin had you not bailed. I experienced this myself at the Rio a few years ago when a young gal rolled for about 20 minutes in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday. The table was not busy at all so the numbers just kept coming. I stood there cursing myself, praying for a seven, sure on was coming up on the next roll. But it didn't.

My solution to this problem is to attempt to mitigate the effect somewhat by dropping my bets down after the fourth roll and pressing each number every time it is hit. It goes something like this:

Let's say if find a $10 table in the afternoon before the minimums have been raised. I throw $220 on the table and tell the dealer I want $160 across the numbers and turn them on for the come out roll. The dealer will place $25 on the 4,5,9 and 10 and $30 on the 6 and 8. I will then wait for four rolls and then drop my bets down to a total of $64 with $10 on the 4,5,9 and 10 and $12 on the six and eight. Then I will press every other hit or every third hit to each number depending on how I feel the table is playing at the time. That way I can participate in a "monster" roll and limit my loss as I know that the odds are against me.

As I mentioned before, this strategy much easier to implement with online craps at an online casino. If you are not very comfortable at the craps table in a land based casino, I would not try it there. It also helps if you pick a table with only a few players at it or at least not many down at your end of the craps table. This is why I tend to give this strategy a try in the mornings and early afternoons, when the tables are not very busy.

I have tried this craps strategy out numerous times. The above referenced session at the Rio made me want to cry for the money I could have made. However, I kicked some major tail with it at Ceasar's and again at the Mirage in the same weekend once. Paid for my trip, the wife's losses and then some. However, I got my ass handed to me a two years ago at Harvey's in Lake Tahoe and at the Las Vegas Flamingo last year. Both of these were occasions that to be quite honest with you , I consumed way to much alcohol. I did not recognize the kind of craps table I was at and how it was trending. I should have quit or switched to a different strategy.

But, I have not met a gambler yet who has not experienced a losing session and looks back at it with the old "I shoulda done this" thought. Still, this strategy can make you some serious $$$ in short time if you implement it correctly.

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