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The Three Point Strategy

This craps strategy is probably the one first learned by most new Three Point Craps Strategy craps players. The craps table layout can be very confusing to the neophyte craps player. There are too many bet options to absorb all at once. Having 10 to 20 players yelling out bets and throwing coins on the table adds to the confusion. Trust me I know. Most new craps players are introduced to the game by a friend who explains the game while the newbie is placing bets on a game he or she know nothing about. My wife explained the game to me as I thru the dice for the first time. Mine was not an unusual experience.

Craps Basics: The Pass Line

To get started, you wait until the current shooter sevens out. You then place a bet on the pass line and wait for the new shooter to start rolling. Once the shooter has rolled a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10, a point has been established. You then put a bet behind your pass line bet on the table layout. This is called taking odds. It used to be that most casinos would only allow you to place a bet that was twice your pass line bet. This is because taking odds is the best bet in the casino. It pays off at even odds! Nowadays, most casinos allow 10 times odds. You can find 100 times odds in such places as downtown Las Vegas and at Casino Royale on the Vegas Strip

Craps Bets: The Come Bet

After placing your odds bet behind your pass line bet, you then make a bet equal to your pass line bet by tossing the appropriate amount of chips in the rectangular box in the middle of your end of the table layout labeled "Come". What you are trying to do is get another number you can win on. Say the first roll was a 4. Now four is the point and you have placed a bet in the come area. Now a 6 is rolled. Your bet will be moved to the number six on the layout. You toss the appropriate number of chips on the layout and say "odds on the six". Your odds bet will be moved to the number six and placed with your original come bet.

You then repeat this process another time until you have three numbers covered. If, for instance, the next number rolled is a 5, your bet will be moved to the number five on the layout and you will place another odds bet. Now you have three numbers covered. If the shooter should happen to roll a 4, 6 or 5 before he or she sevens out, you win!

When the current shooter sevens out, (and you lose all of your bets), you start the entire process over with a new shooter. Most players at the craps table will play this strategy or some variation of it. If the table is hot, sometimes I will even go with four numbers.

While you are waiting to get three numbers covered, the shooter may roll a seven prior establishing a point, or roll a 2, 3 or 12 (craps) or an 11. You will either be paid even money or lose your bet. Either way, you keep your bet the same and keep waiting to get the three numbers established.

A Fun Easy Craps Strategy

This is a craps strategy that is easy for the new craps player to play. I have used it many time myself, and, have had many winning sessions with it. Of course, just about any craps strategy will win when the table is hot. Just remember, the most important decision you can make is when to quit.

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