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Ten - Four Good Buddy!

Here's a little strategy I like to play along side whatever other strategy I might be playing at the time. Wait until a natural 10 (a six and a four) or Ten - Four Good Buddy Craps Strategy a natural 4 (a one and a three) are rolled. Then, place a $50 bet on the don't for that number and a $25 on the hard 10 or hard 4. In theory, there should be an equal chance that the natural for that number will be rolled as the double.

If the shooter sevens out, you will receive your $50 bet back plus $25 less the 1$ vig. You will also lose the $25 hard double bet. This leaves you with a $1 loss. If the hard double hits, you win $175 less the $50 don't bet for a net win of $125.

The only way you lose is for the natural 4 or 10, whatever may be the case, to be rolled. This will cost you $75. Playing this strategy by itself will bore you to death. However, it is not a bad strategy to piggyback with another strategy at the table.

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