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Place Six and Eight!

Another craps strategy that is easy to implement and keep track of your bets is one that in is nothing more than placing the numbers six and eight. Place Six and Eight This is also a strategy I use if I am trying survive on a cold or choppy table waiting for that hot streak. I also use this strategy if my bankroll for a particular craps session has been seriously depleted and I want to last at the table until I get one last chance to toss the dice. Like many others, I like being the shooter.

Advantage Craps: It Only Takes One Roll to Win

The beauty of this system is that you can start winning money on the second roll! With the common establish three point scraps system, each number has to be rolled two times before you win. Once to establish a point or have your come bet moved to a number and a second time to win the bet. You can place numbers any time after a point has been established. In this way you could start winning with the second roll.

Say a new shooter comes out and rolls a four (4). A point has now been established and place bets are now live. You can now place the six and the eight. If the next roll is either a six or and eight you win! Note: you could have placed the six and eight prior to the come out roll. But, place bets are inactive or "off" on the come out roll. You can turn them "on" by requesting this from the dealers and they will be live on the come out roll. I usually wait until a point has been established before making my place bets.

Increase Your Bets During Streaks to Win at Craps

Generally, I will wait until I have four wins and then I will increase one of the bets by one unit. After that I wait for two more wins and then increase the other bet. After that, I will increase each bet by one unit after every win.

What if a Six or Eight is Rolled as the Point?

If the shooter rolls a six or eight as the point, I just surround that number with my bets. For example, if a shooter rolls a six on the come out roll, I will then place five and eight. Similarly, if the shooter rolls an eight, then I place the six and nine.

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