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Craps Strategies

Craps Strategies There are probably more books, websites, etc. dedicated to craps strategies than for any other casino game. It seems nearly everyone has a way to beat craps. Every gambler has their particular favorite craps strategy. Nobody lies better than a gambler when they tell you that their number one craps strategy has never failed them and brought them only good luck whenever they have used it.

Winning Craps Strategies

If you have a favorite winning craps strategy, and want to share it, please email it to:

and we will post it here. In the meantime, I will post some of my favorite craps strategies. They have provided me with some winning sessions and some good memories. I hope the do the same for you.

The Best Craps Strategies Are The Ones That Win!

Craps strategies very from the very basic, simple pass line bets to the incredibly complicated multi-bet systems I have read about in a few of the craps books I have purchased. While I will probably get around to explaining a few of these complex systems, I tend to favor the easy to implement less sophisticated alternatives. Of course, I also tend to favor having a few drinks while I gamble. Perhaps the two are related?

Practice Your Strategies before Playing For Real Money

My advice is to practice your craps strategies before you play for real money. That way you can get used to the way the strategy plays and flows. Getting comfortable playing your craps strategy is essential so that you do not panic when you get on a short losing streak and abandon your strategy just before a nice run that would have earned you a tidy profit. I recommend that you practice any new strategy you are trying to implement by playing online craps for free. Most, if not all, online casinos will let you play craps for free. This way, you can test out your theories without risking your bankroll. After you are comfortable with the results of your craps strategy, the swings in your bankroll and how it plays, then you can head to the casino look for that winning roll.

Create Your Own Craps Strategy

Because there are so many different craps bets, the number of craps strategies and their various derivatives make it easy to take any strategy and give it your own personal twist. I love tweaking a craps system I have learned of and try to make it my own. I then track the results to see if I have improved upon the original. Try doing this yourself. It can be a fun and potentially rewarding experience.

In the meantime, here are a few basic strategies and a couple of my favorites:

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