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Craps Stories

If you ask just about any avid gambler, you are almost sure to hear a story about a great craps roll that they were a part of. This is what Craps Stories every craps player is waiting and praying for. I myself have been a part of several of these "dream rolls".

Winning Craps Stories

Of course the best craps stories are about the times when you won a lot of money. Winning craps stories are a lot more fun to tell and a lot more fun to listen too. Great craps rolls do not come along every day. When the do the excitement generated at the craps table is unbelievable!

Losing Craps Stories

Of course, you don't experience a lot of winning sessions without also being on the losing end of things. Stories about losing craps sessions can be entertaining if only for the "I can't believe it" factor. When the craps table turns cold beyond all expectations, things can get real ugly, real fast. Listening to someone recount one of their losing sessions is a little like watching a train wreck. We hang around just to see how back things will get.

Send us your Craps Stories

I love to hear gambling stories. Other people like to here them too, I've noticed. Send your gambling stories to Wise Guy at:

and we will post them here.

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