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You know, we call this site WiseGuy Craps because we feel that when you are searching for the best information available about craps, it's always best to hear from people who have spent a lifetime playing craps, figuring out and devising the best ways to win shooting dice. It makes sense, doesn't it? That having been said, having a wise guy to show you the ropes is probably more useful in the game of craps than in any other game, because for the beginning or novice player, there is no game that is more intricate, complicated, and yes, intimidating, than the game of craps as it is played in a casino.

Guide to Craps

Most craps players start playing the game in a casino environment after they have already played the slots or blackjack. Many gamblers are initially put off by the craps tables due to the all the screaming and yelling that can originate from a hot table. Also to those not educated about craps, it looks very complicated from the vantage point of the casual observer. There are so many different wager types to concern yourself with; so many different "propositions" and payouts. The the rules of the game can be very difficult for anyone craps aspiring to adopt the game to pick up. Yet, craps is an exercise that can be addictive, in a healthy way (for most). It is fast-moving and exciting, with a lot of community aspects to it and plenty of options. But it also has the potential to be confusing (which will cost you money) if you don't start with the basics and adopt a step-by-step approach. What we aim to do with WiseGuy Craps is give you the proper, fundamental introduction into this game. We will introduce you to craps rules and the procedures of the craps game so that you'll know it inside and out. Then, we will proceed to describe all of the possible bets that can be made, mapping out various craps strategies, determining the way to maximize your dollars at the craps table.

Money management is always important; in fact, with the quick decisions you are going to make before each roll of the dice, you'll need to properly tailor your bets in proportion to your bankroll. You cannot find yourself so caught up in the game that you aren't keeping proper track of your cash. Preserving your playing stake is a key component to walking away from the craps table having done all you could do. The coordination of wager types and wager amounts is what will receive special emphasis from us.

Craps Information

To make sure your craps education is well-rounded, WiseGuy Craps will cover the colorful origins and history of the game on our craps history page and its place in the American gaming landscape. As for its place in the modern scheme of things, we'll show you where you can play the game most beneficially in the land-based casinos and where to play online craps in the virtual world. What we teach you at WiseGuy Craps will by no means be the final word. We are happy to refer you to additional sources of craps information and education, both online and offline, that will feed your interest. What we'll also try to do is explain what type of material to stay away from, so that you don't become another victim of disinformation overload.

At WiseGuy Craps, we consider it an obligation to demystify the process of playing craps to the point where it can become second nature to you, the reader. We're here to serve you, and we'd appreciate any feedback you can offer as to how to serve you better!